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The Trunk
by Jon Seresi

Jonny Devine - a charming curmudgeon recently diagnosed with dementia - enlists his best friend's son, Asher, to sort through the contents of his New York apartment while he can still recall their significance. With wit and wisdom, The Trunk explores the choices we make in living and in dying.

Ramen Symphony
written and directed by Haruko Fujimoto

On one winter evening in New York, two strangers from different paths meet at a busy restaurant and form a brief unexpected bond while other customers and staff are at their crossroads. This is a story with an ensemble cast and jumps from one storyline to another throughout.

Ashes to Ashes

Author of a new one act, as part of The Workshop Theater's Ninth Annual "Out of the Hat" One Act Festival

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written and directed by Theo Braun

A prolific and successful writer who has to confront aging and an inevitable terminal illness, that challenges his autonomy, and drives him to seek renewed intimacy and connection with his estranged son, Vincent. 

On a String
Written and Directed by Isabel Hagen

On location with hilarious Isabel Hagen, Ling Ling Huang and me ("a Richard Kind type") in a funny New York encounter in Isabel's charming Indie screenplay, "On a String."

the lonely isles 
written and directed by Max Yakim

Andrew, an awkward 16-year-old, spends his free time writing poetry on a Central Park bench. Stuck in his own head, Andrew is blind to the world around him including Gene, an 85-year-old man who sits next to him on the same bench every day. Unapologetically honest, shameless, and effortlessly clever, Gene forms an unlikely friendship with Andrew that helps him open his eyes to the poetic inspiration found in a simple day at the park.

Rhinegold Cabaret

Jim Steinman and Barry Keating's "Rhinegold Cabaret"  - songs from the 1973 production which starred (and stars again) Andre De Shields. Musical Direction, Drew Wutke.  With Andre De Shields. 

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Lyrics by Barry Keating and Music by Jim Steinman.

Festival film, Chiara Padejka

and Charlie Koepp, writer-directors.

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Written and Directed by MarcWeiner

MAY 11th thru 28th  at the Chain Theatre

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My Father's Play

Book, Music & Lyrics by Neville Grusd​

Directed & Choreographed by Liz Piccoli (SDC)​

Musical Direction by Seth Weinstein

(Pictured here with John Hillner)
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The Field Mouse

Independent film written and directed

by Grayson Goga

fieldmouseguy - Copy_edited.jpg

Skin  Deep by Jon Lonoff

Popular community and dinner theatre comedy published by Concord for Samuel French, Inc.  Recent Productions at:

  • The Jewel Box, Poulsbro, WA

  • Bedford-Off-Broadway,  Bedford, NH

  • St. Patrick's Dramatic Society, Dublin, Ireland

North to the Future
A Film by Calvin McCrory

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The Last Night of Vaudeville
Author of a new one act,
s part of Evening C, "Out of the Hat"
One Act Festival"

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The Two Noble Kinsmen
William Shakespeare and John Fletcher

Directed by Spencer Whale

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Burying Bubby
a film written and directed by Eitan Levine and Gabriel Laks. Click on Image for Details

A film by Andre Ivo

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Frosty and the Coyotes
By R.J.MacDonald
Award-winning ZOOM video

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