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From filmmaker Rich MacDonald:

After losing a family member just before the onset of pandemic, I wrote Frosty out of a crazy need to do something almost anything. Some actor friends felt a similar need, and we started rehearsing and filmed it front of green screens on zoom, adding sets virtually and a whole animation scene. Amazingly, it was accepted in film festivals winning two awards. 

We see the story of how delusion and fantasy become ultimate defenses for people who feel left out of a changing world. Frosty combines graphic design, animation and live action in a drama about two brothers: Dunny, in dire emotional and physical straits, is forced to face what his life has become when his brother Johnnie arrives, on a cold winter morning after a long absence, and delivers brutal honesty in a final effort to save him. 


Out of a similar need to do something/ anything, Director and famed acting teacher Karen Kohlhaas (and a good friend), founded the Tennessee Williams Rectory Museum in the building where Williams lived with his grandparents. It tells the not-widely-known story of Williams' connection to the Mississippi Delta, and the deep influence of local people, places and stories on his plays. The museum is open to the public by appointment and has had hundreds of visitors since opening, including residents, tourists, politicians, and academics, and actors making films in the area, including French star Juliette Binoche. 

Karen has exciting plans to take the Rectory Museum to a wider of artists and interested theater lovers everywhere. The museum's next project is a virtual tour, which will make Williams' Delta story accessible to students, artists, teachers, and history and theater fans all over the world. 



Facebook: Frosty and The Coyotes

Instagram @frostyandthecoyotes


Hi Everyone,


I'm thrilled to tell you about this special event.

The award-winning film, FROSTY AND THE COYOTES will stream for 10 days, March 3—13, for a suggested donation of $10 that will benefit the Tennessee Williams Rectory Museum.

This beautiful film was written and directed by Rich MacDonald, and stars Sandford Stokes, Elliot Sterenfeld, and Jon Lonoff; all are alums of my and/or Atlantic's classes.


The film has been selected by and won awards from US and international festivals; most recently Rich won Best Director of a Feature at the Austin International Art Festival!


You can read more about the film, the artists, and the museum, and donate for tickets at this link:



Streaming Thursday, March 3rd—Sunday March 13th

Suggested donation $10


Thank you so much for supporting the museum, huge thank yous to these artists for their generosity, and I know you will enjoy the film!



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