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Richard Sheppard in The New York Times, October 12, 1981


... a charmer of a show, sung by three performers versatile in voice and expression. The singers, Claudine Casson, Ed Dixon and Jon Lonoff, run through 90 minutes of solos, duos and trios that take note of the holidays and do so with a spirit that completely envelops the long, narrow room in intimate and tuneful warmth.
  Mr. Lonoff has the manner needed for a musical, emanating a sense of humor and relaxation.

Lord Loves Music, circa 1982; Book, Lyri

Richard Sheppard in the New York Times, December 28, 1981



 ''The Lord Loves Music,'' playing at ... Mickey's ...  This is a joyous romp through the calendar from Rosh ha-Shanah, the Jewish New Year, on, with music and lyrics by Hank Levy, and, of course, traditional music for the occasions. It is delivered by a cast of three with charm and voice of equal high quality. They are Ed Dixon, Claudine Cassan and Jon Lonoff.

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